Discarded components and seemingly worthless bits and pieces can have a beauty that appears to have been overlooked by others.
By showing these components in a different context to their usual one, my aim is to draw the viewers’ eye to the detail and beauty that lies within.
It might be a shape, texture, colour or a mark that attracts attention. I collect anything that intrigues me.
When it comes to the making process I have a playful approach to the work. 
Components have to match and complement each other.
Instead of manipulating or altering components to make them into something I want them to be, I find joy in matching them with other materials and components.
My goal is to create unique pieces that can stand out by themselves and work together as part of a collection.
Taken out of their functional context the components are now viewed as part of an adornment and for the inherent beauty that I want to portray.

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